• Single Metric Scale Cylinder

Calibrated to deliver. Graduated to meet requirements of Type 1, style 1 cylinder of Federal Specification NNN-C-940. The 10 ml size has funnel top for easy filling. Graduated scale is of white durable ceramic. 

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Single Metric Scale Cylinder

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Qty Description: Price
10mL Sub-Div(0.2mm), Height(135mm), QtyPerCase(12) $125.37
25mL, Sub-Div(0.5mm), Height(140mm), QtyPerCase(12) $177.41
50mL Sub-Div(1mm) Height(190mm) QtyPerCase(12) $184.00
100mL Sub-Div(1mm) Height(225mm) QtyPerCase(12) $219.26
250mL Sub-Div(2mm) Height(330mm) QtyPerCase(6) $153.00
500mL, Sub-Div(5mm) Height(375mm) QtyPerCase(6) $212.13
1000mL, Sub-Div(10mm) Height(460mm) QtyPerCase(4) $198.00
10mL, Sub-Div(0.2mm) Height(135mm) QtyPerCase(1) $10.46
25mL, Sub-Div(0.5mm), Height(140mm) QtyPerCase(1) $14.08
50mL, Sub-Div(1mm) Height(190mm) QtyPerCase(1) $15.35
100mL, Sub-Div(1mm) Height(255mm) QtyPerCase(1) $18.32
250mL, Sub-Div(2mm) Height(330mm) QtyPerCase(1) $25.51
500mL Sub-Div((5mm) Height(375mm) QtyPerCase(1) $35.36
1000mL Sub-Div(10mm) Height(460mm) QtyPerCase(1) $50.79